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Q: Hello the ZSMJ, thank you for ECAL of the interview.
A: Hello, everyone, I ZSMJ before the FTD and LGD the main carry is currently in retired status.

Q: DOTA2 in mainland China, recently received a lot of attention, a lot of players are hard to practice, you played DOTA2 to you?
A: I recently heard that the size of the I International Invitational Tournament will be bigger and better this year, so I contacted Icefrog, asked him about the next plan, but also several activation. Before I totally did not played DOTA2, a few days ago began to play. Selected enemy the Master played a few, but fortunately I have a few great teammates, so we have to win most games.

Q: What so humble ZSMJ, victory attributed to a teammate who Do you think DOTA2 and DotA biggest difference in where?
A: I think DOTA2 where the animation did not DotA so smooth. For example, when I would like to make up a knife to the soldier, feeling a little delay. I am not a professional, do not know the end is not delayed. DOTA2 in the art and theme is absolutely better than DotA. Direction streamline store, death hurt failure handling is absolutely correct.

Q: I guarantee you've seen the DOTA2 free news release. Once the Chinese agent is identified, you will often fight DOTA2?
A: if it were free, I guarantee it will be very popular in China, many people absolutely will try this game. If you have a chance, I will certainly give it a try.

Q: when playing DOTA2, you have to think that some differences will affect the relevant skills?
A: As I said, the latency issues caused difficulties in the complement knife, as well as on the art and animation changes. I really play much, that it is not objective enough, I did not see any video. I believe that I will solve all the problems.

Q: However, many western players to stop playing DotA turned DOTA2, once the agent is released, do you think Chinese players will follow the pace of Western players to give up the DotA?
A: If Icefrog continue to do updates and balance, I believe this will happen.

Q: Do you think the the Chinese DOTA2 clan and Western DOTA2 of teams between the technical difference?
A: There is definitely the Western DOTA2 leading players, Chinese players are still stuck in the past, but in the future, as China the focus of slowly shifting to DOTA2 what the weak strong, hard to say.

Q: What the world wants to know the great ZSMJ will come back to play the professional game. If you do not, whether the production of FPV (first person perspective) video, or do live show your god?
A: First of all, I am not God, I just turn out to be more. In fact, I am very shy, not a very good anchor. So if I want to be successful in DOTA2, I must fight a career DOTA2 to like when the anchor as the success of. In addition, I have a little old.

Q: What is your favorite DOTA2 set? Do you feel what hero cool?
A: I really play much, but I found the devil of the night is a cool hero. On the game settings, I know that you can modify all the hotkeys, but I have not changed.

Q: Do you think that Valve can do to make DOTA2 popular in China?
A: I only recommend on Valve in China is a large number of invest DOTA2 advertising.

Q: live, everyone can change the name to pretend to be other players as well-known players, do you think this problem?
A: In China, many platforms have a lot of people use the same ID. With the Valve ID can be used to verify or set a person can only use one name, so much the better. I personally feel that the ID verification better.

Q: to thank ZSMJ time to answer our questions! Good luck, hope you can immediately see where in DOTA2.
A: Thank you, thank ECAL publicity of DOTA2 and e-sports!