There is infinite irony in claiming Reinhardt requires skill at the same time you say Brig needs

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I can tell you that they both rely on the same core set of skills if you're playing Brig properly (as in using her shield with some brain power).

But further than that, Brig -- with now only 200 hp and 25 of that being armor is DRAMATICALLY more squishy and can be punished severely for a misstep. Forcing her to be midline and weave in and out of the front line.

-Pressing W and initiation? Brig should be aware of that and when to go in.

-Knowing when to swing and when to not? Same deal.

-Knowing when to charge (stun) and when to not? Same deal.

-When to place shield to protect allies from core mechanics like soldier firing or d'va ult? 100%

-Bodyblocking same deal. If you're not bodyblocking on Brig you're doing it wrong.

But worse than that brig is punished heavily by shields, punished heavily by powerful melee combatants. Rein should always decimate brig. Zarya should always decimate brig. (Two very strong tanks often found in soloQ at diamond)

Orisa and Sigma also are a huge threat to any Brig because they prevent her from procing inspire properly and can easily punish her for being melee with their range.

Ball and Roadhog are about the only tanks I feel quite happy playing against on Brig-- and Roadhog can still instagib us with hook with 200hp. (Even 225 hp tbh lmao.)

In terms of healing her spot healing is based on a 3 charge cooldown and is SOL if she runs out. She is by far inferior to literally every other healer than Lucio and Zenyatta in this regard. Using them properly is VITAL.

Her defensive ult is very powerful and tremendously useful in skirmishes. But, and it is a big but, it's hilariously useless when it comes to countering the combos you see in diamond constantly.

eg: Zarya Hanzo grav-drag.

eg: Nanoblade.

Eg: Torb Zarya lava grav

Eg: Reaper ult (this ult is just devastating on it's own lol).

So... we have all the skill requirements of reinhardt, alongside cooldown management, alongside whipshot management alongside being dramatically more flimsy.


And you people insist she needs no skill.

I am laughing. As someone who ended last season as a diamond baptiste with a 70% winrate BEFORE BUFFS I am laughing.

The only thing she doesn't need is aim. Until you take 2 seconds and realize whipshot is a delayed skillshot and if you do not land whipshot consistently you're literally dead weight.

So yes she does even need aim. Or she is DEAD USELESS without whipshot inspire procs.

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