Collection of AI/Intercom messages on Horizon Lunar Colony

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Horizon Lunar Colony has an AI that comes over the intercoms. I can't find transcripts or anything and it's not in any ambience videos, so it's been bothering me for a while. I've found that I can trigger a long message with the voice slowly getting higher-pitched when I stand next to the wall with the frosted glass in the hydroponics lab, and I found some in other areas.
Ones I found were:

  • The ones that got my attention first were in the hydroponics lab. The one that goes higher pitched, of course, but also in the corner by the frosted glass doors: "Welcome to the hydroponics lab", "Maintenance is overdue", and "Maintenance is --ERROR-- past date". Behind the sliding shelves between the frosted glass wall and the palm tree: "Oxygen levels are [???]" "Oxygen levels are within optimal breathing bounds. You can breathe easy." and "Oxygen levels are at top capacity". (ironic, given the screens say oxygen is at 50%-55%. Maybe the monkey uprising wrecked the oxygen sensors?)

  • On the upper level of attack spawn A. I got it to spawn mostly by the spray bottle: "New message: [???] Zero gravity". This one is especially interesting to me considering all the messages are on the screens around the map and on the blog, and none say anything about zero gravity. Worth looking into a bit more?

  • Bottom level of attack spawn A, to the side of the telescope room, walk up to the surveillance screens: "Specimens out of containment". After that, a quiet but very-there alarm starts going off.

  • A shorter message in the defense spawn room, totally random and unintelligible to me. Might be more? I couldn't find a specific place for it to trigger.

  • On the way out of attack spawn A, in several different places, I hear "Area has been quarantined." Also, while walking up and down the stairs in this area I heard some distant roaring and banging. Connects to Winston in the map reveal? When he says he's not sure where they (gorillas) are?

  • A few messages when I jumped over the counter into the cooking area (near attack spawn A). I found that moving into the corner with the sinks gives you one matter what. I heard: "You seem to [unintelligible]", "May I interest you in a healthy snack? Unhealthy snack options are unavailable" (or 'Our healthy'?), "Would you like something to eat?" "How boutta snack?" "You look like you need a break"

  • The classroom area, in the corner with the lexicon poster: "Welcome to the classroom. Please take your seats" and "Remember children: Imagination is the essence of discovery."

  • The room looking above attack spawn room A, above the cooking area: "Warning: Broken window. Please use caution" and "A maintenance ticket has been created".

  • The little red room next to attack spawn A, by the table between the two windows: "Welcome to the lounge" and "Your pulse is elevated. Are you in need of relaxation?"

If you guys can figure out and/or find any more, let me know! I kinda wanna also do this with Blizzard World at some point, though those aren't as hard to decipher.

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