Thoughts on the soldier change?

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Update just dropped little bit ago and so far after 3-4 games there’s been a soldier every game. It’s pretty easy to tell who’s been practicing with the change on the PTR and who hasn’t. I think the changes are a bit OP, I’m a mid-high masters DPS on PC, peaked at GM but honestly I don’t belong there lol ive still got lots of room for improvement. I tried him out and I gotta say its stupid how much damage he puts out now, I still gotta get used to it honestly it feels very weird. Very rewarding for those who have rly good aim. I think he either should only have 25 bullets in a clip and damage could stay at 19/bullet or change the damage to 18 and keep his clip size at 30 or something I have no idea honestly but he feels a bit OP; time will tell. What are your guys’ thoughts? Welcome to the soldier + shield meta ladies and gents (time will tell but that’s what I think is the new meta). BUFF MCREE FOR GOD SAKE :(

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