Improved Profanity Filter and Updated Penalties for Code of Conduct Violations [Updated October 12th

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In addition to the improved profanity filter and updated penalties for inappropriate language, we’ve also performed a manual action wave against some of the worst offenders of toxic language in Overwatch. This action will take effect with updates to profanity filter and penalties in the next live game patch.

As of the update approximately 12 hours ago, the subreddit has seen a smattering of posts complaining about month-long bans for abusive chat. Please note that these types of posts will always be removed for several reasons:

  1. They're unproductive.

  • Too often, these posts devolve into a "You deserved it; I didn't deserve it" conversation. This are 100% non-constructive discussion, and fall underneath Rule 3.

  1. Appeals should be made directly to Blizzard, no matter how unlikely a successful appeal is.

  • Do false bans happen? Yes. Are they frequent? No. The chances that you've done what Blizzard is banning you for is extremely high. Regardless, this subreddit is not the place to make that appeal.

Thanks for understanding.

-r/Overwatch Mod Team

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