3V3 Competitive Fall 2020

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Looking for additional comps to run with my squad as we are closing in on Top 500 placements hopefully when they release the placements. We have played 85 games so far this season and I will include the current comps we run as of now. Looking for input on what we use or what we should use.

Rein-Zarya-Lucio : for the head on attack strat. all gas, no brakes.

Sigma-Orissa-Ana : for the slow, methodical play where we take our time and play to the weakness of our opponents.

Roadhog-Mercy-Ash : the damage boost ash is a key for the long game. hog plays as a flanking decoying while staying insight of his Ash.

D.Va-Winston-Baptiste : for the straight Dive on the enemy. Winston and D.va play together at all times and the Bap is for clutch lanterns once the fight starts.

widow-zenyatta-hanzo : For long shot gaming. By far our weakest comp. usually only play in at match point. Works well if the opponent keeps their distance.

As a squad we are 45-15. Grinding up s

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