I finally deleted Overwatch due to the great amount of hate speech

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Well, there I was on Volskaya Industries, playing my Zarya. I was in team chat , trying to be a good teammate and the other tank tells me to shut the fuck up after being radio silent half the match. I wasn't being annoying, I'm a pretty laid back dude. Then he asks: "Are you a faggot, you sound like a faggot." I do not answer. He starts saying the n word and I asked him to please stop being racist and homophobic. He says: You wanna know what I do to faggots? I hang them in a tree in my backyard. That's conversion therapy." I asked the match players to report him and he goes into chat and says "I'm only calling him a faggot because he's gay." So on and so on. This is the definitely not the first hate speech, but I'm not going to subject myself to it anymore


Nice knowing the kind players out there, but I just can't justifying playing the game if I'm crying after a match.


Edit: I'm fine people. Crying is okay and so am I!

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