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This is an idea for a support that I’ve had for a while, that thematically combines the idea for an electricity themed hero with the game’s need for a support with a cleanse ability. The name is currently a work in progress, open to suggestions as well. Here we go:

Hero name: Volt

Allegiance: Formerly an engineer with Overwatch, lost his job and found work with Talon.


Main Weapon: Electron Gauntlets

General stats:

  • 150 total ammo

  • 1.8 sec reload

Primary fire (Left Click):

Fires a continuous, short range beam that heals a single ally. Healing scales with targets HP.

  • Targets the same way as a Sym/Zarya beam. 12 meter range.

  • Damage scales based on how much remaining hp your ally has. 35 hps for targets between 75-100%, 45 hps for targets between 50-75%, 60 hps for targets between 25-50%, and 80 hps for targets below 25%.

  • Consumes 15 ammo per second (10 full seconds of sustain)

Secondary fire (Right Click):

Fires a short range lightning bolt, dealing damage to a single target.

  • The lightning bolt is basically a limited range hitscan shot. Can not reach beyond 15 meters.

  • Deals 60 damage, 1.5 per second fire rate. Overall DPS is 90.

  • The animation will appear to lock on to the target (think how a lightning bolt arcs), but you will have to aim it fairly precisely to hit it.

  • Consumes 30 ammo per shot

Ability 1 (E): Taser Shot

Fires a projectile that slows the enemy it hits. Does not stun, but will cancel channeled abilities.

  • This ability is meant to be a CC that feels less oppressive to play against. Instead of preventing you from playing the game, it simply inhibits you.

  • 35 damage

  • 8 sec CD

  • Slows target for 2 seconds

  • Cancels any channeled ability on impact (similar to hack/EMP)

  • Fast projectile, comparable to Hanzo’s arrows.

  • Slight delay before firing, similar to Ana’s Sleep Dart.

Ability 2 (LShift): Defibrillator Blast

Send an energizing shock at an ally, healing them and cleansing any negative effects.

  • Meant to be a high impact, play making ability. Powerful but has a long cooldown.

  • Auto locks, similar to Nano-Boost and Repair Pack

  • Cleanses any negative effects including stuns, anti nade, freeze, etc. Will not cleanse knockback effects, Hack, or fire effects, and will not free allies from Graviton Surge or Gravitic Flux.

  • Additionally grants an extra .25 seconds of cc resistance to the target.

  • Deals a burst of 100 healing

  • 12 second CD

Ultimate: Proton Capacitor

Unleashes a burst of energizing electricity to all nearby allies. Allies affected by the ultimate will have all adverse effects cleansed and will receive temporary immunity to crowd control abilities.

  • Essentially a mass version of his Shift ability

  • Wide radius, about the same as EMP

  • Short cast time, also similar to EMP

  • Cleanses all negative effects, still excluding knockback. The Ult WILL free teammates from Grav or Flux. Will not cleanse Hack.

  • 100 burst healing to everyone hit besides Volt himself

  • Everyone hit receives 5 seconds of CC immunity. Cannot be booped, stunned, antied, etc. Will not provide immunity to Hack or fire effects.

  • Fairly expensive Ult, about the same charge time as Transcendence.

Passive (SPACE): Dynamic Boost

Launch forward into the air a short distance and float back down with increased movement speed.

  • Double jumping propels you airborne and forward in the direction you are looking.

  • Will slowly float back down with faster move speed.

  • Pressing jump a third time cancels the slow fall.

  • Cannot glide by just jumping off of things, only works after the double jump boost has been used.

  • Attempting to use abilities cancels the flight.

  • Height gained is short, only about 8 meters.

  • 7 second cooldown. Cooldown starts after you touch the ground.

  • Useful for getting back from spawn, and also for reaching high-grounds.

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