Just because i’m good with a certain hero doesn’t mean you’ll be good at them as soon as you switch

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(This is just a small rant, not targeting anyone:) So i’m a sombra main. No big deal right? I just be annoying and get my kills. I was playing a private match with my friend who is a lot better than me, and I was destroying her with sombra. So what does she do? She switches to sombra, and since she doesn’t realize that she should take sombras name literally, I still destroyed her.

Now here’s the catch, she’s a moira main, she’s really good with her. Just because i’m a god at sombra doesn’t mean that she’s easy to learn. Why does nobody realize that? I’m not saying to not try and learn some new mains, it’s just that some people think that every hero is easy to learn and just knowing their abilities is enough. I know every overwatch player has probably experienced this at least once, and if love to hear your stories!

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