Why are so many players so toxic?

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I just don’t get it anymore the amount of toxic players just bothers me so much, and even with that a lot of people in these communities are toxic or rude.

If I come looking for help on how to climb with a specific character or ask for help on a specific situation (for comp) in an overwatch community on here, I almost always get some kind of answer of get gud 4hed and am given no explanation at all, I also get players who just say well your probably just not good so your never gonna climb. So many players are jerks like I’m taking the time to ask for help and looking for help so I can work on fixing my mistakes and players treat you like this, I don’t get it.

Not to mention the amount of people toxic in games, this has happened to me a lot especially on a character like lucio. Just last night I was playing lucio on Nepal and my teams road hog starts messaging me get if lucio your trash, then I said we need to the heals I’ve already down over 10k and we’re not even to 3rd point yet. And I just get told lucio is bad and i shouldn’t play him, even on points where you can get lots of environmentals (sanctum)

Or another game the second I get in the guy instantly tells me lucio is and I need to get off or we will lose. We end up winning because I play amazing and do like 18k heals along with an insane amount of objective time. And now the guy is quiet but messages me anyway lucio is so trash your bad.

Like I know you don’t have to listen to insults, but if the first thing you hear when a game starts is rude and toxic no matter how hard you try it can be hard to not get a little tilted. I’m just sick of this community it’s just full of jerks and toxic people

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