Help with LC-202 constant console crashing

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I can not stay connected to ow servers. I have done everything to troubleshoot the problem on my console and even bought the legendary edition when I already had a copy hoping that it would fix the issue… I’ve disconnected, tried different wired ports and wifi options, I deleted and downloaded the game 5 times. It just won’t stay connected. After 6 minutes the error code (LC-202) shows up which is just a general error code and I can’t play. I even tried the looking glass tool and nothing is fixing the problem. I also unplugged my console and the wired connection cord for a few minutes. Nothing works! I have been playing since 2016 and this seemingly happened overnight. Please help. No other games are an issue and my boyfriend tried running the game on Pc and it works perfectly fine. I’ve tried his wired port as well and it still crashes so this seems to be on Blizzard’s end.

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