Looking for a consistent (long term) group! (16F, Xbox one)

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Hey there! The title really says most of it. I’m looking for a group to play with where it’s not just a one or two time thing. I think it’s be fun to play with a group of friends as opposed to randos. I’d like to get back into playing comp but I get really nervous about getting on my mic because of toxic people and it’s just not very much fun to if nobody’s talking and we’re just quietly calling shots. But yes sorry I don’t know how to spEak so here’s pretty much what I’m looking for:

-Non toxic people, both in game and real life. If you’re homophobic, racist, etc, just don’t read any further please. And if I’m doing something wrong, I take constructive criticism. What I don’t take is someone telling me I’m trash without telling me WHY I’m trash -Preferably people around my age, but if you’re older or younger that’s okay. Just don’t be a creep -Preferably other girls mostly because I’m kind of awkward at first and I’m way more comfortable around girls but if you’re a dude that’s chill -People who I’ll be playing with a lot -And people around my level so we can climb together

More about me:

I’m a five star bronze and I haven’t played comp in a hot minute but the highest I’ve gotten is very low silver Personality wise I’m pretty goofy, lighthearted, and usually chill. But before I’m comfortable around you I’ll probably be kind of quiet and awkward. I also have that gen Z sense of humor lol I play pretty much everyone. Since quarantine is a thing I’ve started trying to learn how to be good with each hero and it’s gone well. I’m learning Winston and I haven’t learned genji or Doomfist yet. But if had to pick my mains, I’d go with Ana/Lucio for support, Tracer/Ash/Mcree for dps, and Orisa/Zarya for tank

I’m sorry this is so long! I’m gonna end it here. Comment or Pm me if you’re interested! My gamer tag is Dogcheese04

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