Stop bullying low levels?

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Just got to level 25 and started playing ranked for tank role. I'm pretty confident in my abilities in Reinhardt and Orissa from my experiences in quick play but in my last placement game some gold ranks (they were like level 500 or something, still not sure how the level displays work) were bullying me in voice chat all game whenever I placed a shield, saying all my shields were shit placement and assumed a plat/gold player on our team brought me in to queue with them (I was by myself). Anyways, this really tilted me and got me pretty down, I mean I'm not saying I'm a pro at any hero in the game and I understand why they may be mad but please, we're trying our best and raging at us won't make anyone play better.

Also for low levels in my situation, if you're afraid of this happening, I would mute voice chat, I'm doing that now. Before this game my experiences in voice chat were always at least not terrible, but this one game was pretty bad in terms of voice communications.

Also ironically, I got gold rank for tank after that last placement so there's that :)

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