People who throw to spite a teammate: why?

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I was just in a game and this guy said hello how are you in chat, then our moira responded with ST*U so a guy left the voice chat. Moira then said that's gg (this was all before hero selection was over). we then lost because they never healed anyone. I watched the replay, and they never once used their healing. I watched their perspective as our Sig and Zarya both died to a pharah as he stood still on the high ground damaging the rein shield, as moira.

So many people these days, especially in high plat/low diamond, seem to just throw as soon as something small and insignificant happens. Like they die to a tracer one clip and get tbagged, then suddenly it's the teams fault for not killing the tracer and then they throw because "everyone is trash"

Just grow up and play the game

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