Overwatch 'Am I The A-Hole'-esque Question

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Okay so I queue up for tank in a qp game, we're attacking on Rialto. I go Wrecking Ball, other tank goes Winston. Payload isnt really moving, but we're making slow progress. I dive in with the Winston, we mess up their defenses a bit, I nearly die, use my shield ability and roll away to find my healers. Rinse and repeat a few times, and we're in overtime just before the first checkpoint. We didn't have enough of a push to get the payload through the checkpoint and we lose. After the game, most of the rest of my team was complaining about how 'our tanks sucked' and 'ball was useless', etc. I say 'hey, i was doing my job' to which they reply 'you ran. and hid.' I got sent to the menu before we could finish the conversation (whether or not it was going anywhere), but i thought to myself 'was I just supposed to die, instead of running to my healers? Did I do the right thing or was I just being dumb...

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