How do I get to the rank I'm deserving of

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I have been playing this game for well over 300 hours. And for most of those hours I have been improving and trying to get out of gold. Recently me and my friends 5 stacked and finally climbed out of gold and into plat, hell we almost got to diamond. But as soon as we started to win, we started getting matched with dps who would either throw or just be literal silver tier. I don't understand how the hell you are supposed to ever climb in this game. The game is so unbalanced that if one element is lacking on the team and someone is either throwing or feeding, you just can't win. Before all the pros come out of the woodworks and tell me the same stuff as always "You just gotta improve and get better" I have been improving and working on my characters, I play off tanks, but I cant carry for a entire team as that's literally impossible. I get gold damage and kills and that usually swaps with my other friend who plays orisa recently. ORISA. How is that not a problem. So are the pros telling me to get so good to the point where i just dwarf everyone else, or do I need to buy a new account so I can actually get placed in my skill rank. Because unless you're in T500 or grandmasters, people dont actually care, they will throw and feed until you lose, and unfortunately Im not T500 carry material. Like I actually genuinely want advice here, but the advice that people who have never climbed in their life give is getting a bit old.

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