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I see an awful lot of posts about the state of ow and how it's getting worse with every update and how X hero is op or Y meta is boring. And from my perspective as a trash tier player who got into ow as my first fps game, this game is SO GOOD. The Blizzard team have spoilt us with something special, a cast of more than 30 heroes, each with their own lore and place within the roster, no matter how niche. The graphics are beautiful and the cosmetics are inventive. And it has an esports element too, just a little icing on the cake.

It makes me so sad to see this game hated on when it's clearly amazing. And I'm not saying there aren't flaws. But the community has become a little spoilt in that we expect so much of the blizzard team. They give us huge changes so we expect even more. I'm guilty of this too - pretty much everyone is. In my view, the game is in the best state that it's been in for a while, and it's getting better.

The community seems like it's toxic because only a small part of it voices its opinions, the Negative Nancys, while the rest of the community, the people who play the game and have fun doing it, remain quiet, mainly because they're content with what they have.

I don't exactly know what this post is, so imma flair it News and Discussion, but it's really just a post giving appreciation to the Blizzard devs and to all the happy people in my games that make ow the game I've come back to again and again for the past 3 years. :)

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