The gap between the tank playerbase and everyone else is deepening. What can be done to help this?

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It really is becoming ridiculous.

10-30 second que for tank, 10-15 minutes for dps and a whopping 5-8 minutes for Support. There has clearly been a shift recently, because only a few months back it was <2 for tank, >10 for dps and <2 for support as well. Tank players are at an all time low.

These numbers signify that (metaphorically speaking) no one wants to play tank. And as a tank main, I understand it. I feel like this is one of the things that will end up killing this game, if NOTHING is done about it. What can be done to at least help the situation a bit? The gap is widening, and at this point in time, the ques are basically just dps and support players waiting for 2 people to pick tank.

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