Give Pharah Armor

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I believe Pharah needs armor health to be able to survive. I don’t mean add 50 armor to her base health, but more along the lines of her having 150-175 regular health and 50-25 armor health. She’s already an easy target in the sky for every hitscan in the game. She should get more survivability but nothing too crazy where Pharmercy makes a come back.

The addition of Echo is also a nerf to Pharah since Echo is a fun new hero to play as so everyone will be choosing her over Pharah, but that also brings Hitscan to counter Echo which is also bad news for Pharah. At this rate I do believe Echo is the better Pharah minus the area control.

Pharah already has a pretty low pick rate. In overbuff on PC, she’s been consistently in the bottom 5 lowest picked. The higher the rank the lower she gets. In GM the only one below Pharah is Bastion (whos the lowest pick in literally everything and is in desparate need of changes but that’s a topic for another day). However, in console, her pickrate is actually higher for obvious reasons. So that’s where one of the bigger issues in this change arise.

At the very least let Pharah cancel her ult!

What do you guys think about this? Does she need armor health or is she fine as is? Does she need other changes in general that’s not this? (At the very least let Pharah cancel her ult!)

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