Definitely an unpopular opinion here but ever since I stopped joining voice chat, the game

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Since last week I stopped joining voice chat for competitive and this game became a lot more enjoyable. I still play with one friend who I use group voice chat with and we always communicate but not with the rest of the team.

We are in plat/diamond rank so maybe that’s why it doesn’t really affect our outcome of games too much. You probably will be arguing that communication always helps, remember I am in plat/diamond. 90% of the time people use their mics is to be toxic and pass blame or bitch at someone else. I hardly had any games where I actually hear people using useful callouts in my rank.

I feel like this will be pretty unpopular opinion on this sub, but I actually enjoy this game a lot more when playing competitive without voice coms. And when people ask me to join voice chat, I just tell them I’m deaf and they don’t ask again.

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