A shoutout to Jesse McCree

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With Echo coming out soon I was, for some reason, reminded of the animation where McCree fights Ashe's Deadlock gang. Having received Winston's recall transmission, McCree, a former outlaw, Blackwatch operative and quite the rebellious soul, did not rush to join some of the other former members. It makes sense as McCree seems a bit like a loner. But, ultimately having a conscience and being an overall decent fellow, he did not wish to leave his former colleagues without aid. Instead of going himself, he went on a quest to find and release Echo, who was more the likely to go help the reformed Overwatch. While we don't know if Jesse will rejoin Overwatch after his other business is taken care of, he still did make a contribution to the effort, one which he seems to believe makes more of a difference than he himself going back.

I just wanted to tip my hat to mister Jesse McCree for going the extra mile and doing the right thing by both Overwatch and Echo. Not too many people would have been able to do it or had had the resources for such a maneuver, but he did.

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