Thank You to Overwatch for the Game's Diversity

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I never played a game like Overwatch before it's release, but I was interested due to the graphics and art style. Seeing that half the roster are women, all heroes are different shapes and sizes, and everyone is shown to be powerful at what they do best despite their differences made me become really attached to the game.

Years later, I still play this game and with each new hero a different part of the world is represented. Some are disabled, some are a part of the LGBT community, and there are many of different races and ages. The omnics feel more relatable than human characters from other videogames, and our new omnic hero seems to have a story of her own. With the teaser for Echo, the newest Overwatch hero will continue the legacy of her creator, Mina Liao, to make the world a better place. I can't wait to learn more about her and where she fits into the cast.

Thank you to the developers at Overwatch for creating a game that continues to update and release new features (for free!) as well as make new characters that are diverse, full of personality and representative of those all around the world.

Edit: There's a lot of discussion here about the state of inclusiveness Overwatch has, and it's good to talk about it! The game is certainly far from perfect, and while it can be difficult to nail every culture correctly in the minimum space the game has to tell their story, it's important for developers and storytellers to listen and bring on advisors of the culture and background the characters are representing to give an accurate depiction. I'm praising the game for introducing a diverse cast, but mainstream media has always had a problem in trying to avoid stereotypes in its depiction of real life races, heritages and cultures. Overwatch's lore will be explored in the future (hopefully), and with that I hope they can fully flesh out their heroes and help those who aren't always seen in a way that's respectful and understanding.

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