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Hello - it's been a while since I have posted here. I'm the person who posted here the script for Sigma's origin story about 8 months ago or so. I felt that, even though this origin story was a bit more...clear, if you will, I would post the script I wrote for this one as well. Hope you enjoy! If you see any sort of errors in it, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible.


[The action begins before the visual effects of the story even start. In the beginning of the video, we can hear gunfire being shot and explosions forming in the distance.]

Dr. Mina Liao: “They’ve breached the labs!”

[The screen begins to fade to black as sounds of emergency sirens began to start]

Liao: “Everyone get back!”

[Some sort of strange sound, almost like a drill, is emitted for half a second before a loud beeping sound begins to emit, almost certainly from a bomb.]


[The bomb explodes and the screen, which up to this point was black, turns white. Sounds of glass shards falling to the ground can be heard as the audio emits a howling sound and the screen fades to what’s happening visually, with Liao flying back from the explosion and glass shards flying everywhere. We currently are looking at Liao from a side view. Everything seems to be going in slow motion. The camera is slowly panning around Liao towards a front view of her. There is music playing in the background that sounds very ominous, largely consistent of low wind instruments and low hums.]

Liao: “So…this is it. Did…did I make the world a better place?”

[A glass shard begins to fly in front of her as it reaches an about 45 degree angle. The shard shows a flashback of Dr. Liao being brought into an Omnium. This was likely set before the Omnic Crisis.]

Unknown Scientist: “Today, we welcome Dr. Liao to the Omnica Corporation!”

[Suddenly, the glass shard splits into two, with Liao and the scientist on one side and the Omnics on the other. All the Omnic’s eyes have turned red and a low, robotic, almost-demonic sound is emitted. The glass shard goes away as the camera shows Liao from a front view. In the background, you can hear gunfire in the distance.]

Liao: “They had every reason to doubt me.”

[Another glass shard begins flying in front of her. This one pans in slowly, but shows Liao looking at someone. This was likely set right before the Omnic Crisis began.]

Jack Morrison: “You should join us.”

[The shard further comes into view to show Liao shaking hands with Jack Morrison. In the background, you can see a prototype model for Echo hanging on some machinery.]

Liao: “But I helped create the Omnics.”

Jack: “And who better to help us fight them?"

[The glass shard moves away from the camera.]

Liao: “And only Overwatch believed.”

[Another glass shard begins panning into view. This one is set at an unknown date. In it, Liao can be seen gazing at a deactivated (if at this point it’s even working) Echo.]

Liao: “You are my life’s work. You will be everything I dreamed.”

[The glass shard leaves the camera view to look at Liao falling one last time. Behind her, one can notice a large piece of bright blue machinery.]

Liao: “All I wanted…all I needed...”

[The camera reveals Liao to be herself on a glass shard, which is swept away by the camera. Behind it, Echo can be seen in some sort of charging machine, with bright blue thin electric strands connecting to her. There is no explosions going on in this scene and no glass shards. Echo has not yet been activated. It is unknown when precisely this scene takes place.]

Liao and Echo at the same time: “…was to help the world.”

[The music begins getting louder as it begins to transition. Electricity can be seen flowing through the bright blue strands into Echo. When they stop, Echo’s fingers turn bright blue and her wings begin to move closer to her.]

Echo: “And so…she created me.”

[The music has now changed to a more cheerful, futuristic-music, being made with personally-unidentifiable instruments. It gets louder as the sequence goes on. Echo’s face is formed on her head, and she has some sort of halo-like object formed in the back. Both of these are bright blue, and vaguely clear, likely made out of hard-light. Her eyes are closed.]

Echo: “Her legacy…her promise…”

[The sound of her booting up can be heard, as the camera closes in on her face. Her eyes begin to open, and she looks directly towards the echo.]

Echo: “…her Echo.”

[The cinematic ends with the Overwatch logo]

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