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Preface: I peaked GM on support (Lucio Moira Brig Mercy Bap) last season for the first time, but I had been playing at 3800+ for about 3 seasons. My off-roles are terribly low because my mechanics are awful.

I've been playing DPS with my friends because they're plat and my DPS is trash, and I think I've had smurfs on the enemy team about 60% of games. Now, I'm not talking diamond 1 star players, and I'm not talking about people who are level 30 who are plat and playing on their alts; I'm talking level 25 accounts placed 3200+ with perfect winrates and K/D's around 5+. These smurfs are always on DPS too, so it's extremely oppressive. You can argue "git gud" all you want but it's not a good or reliable argument here, as mechanics take a lot of time to develop, and even if I can "out-brain" their DPS, I can't out-skill their DPS.

I don't really care much about my DPS SR as thats not my main role, but it's extremely frustrating that I can not play a game of Overwatch without my entire team getting bullied by a 3.8-4.4k (yes I've seen those and everything in between, with them adding me on their mains). In my opinion, there needs to be a smurf queue for the game. Not in a sense that "I am going to queue in the smurf queue", but in a sense that the matchmaker finds that the player is level 25 and freshly placed at 3200+, and makes them wait in queue until it finds a game full of other players doing the same thing. That way, smurfs are forced to play into each other, and it wouldn't ruin the standard ranked experience. If they lose like 2 in a row with extremely poor performance, they could be throttled down, since it is more likely that they are a new player. This would also put them in a rank where they are actually capable of learning the game if somehow they were new and just had insane mechanics.

The other thing people argue to me is that "there are not very many actual smurfs in the game at any given time", to which I disagree. I would have agreed 2 or 3 months ago, but I've definitely seen an increase in the amount of fresh level 25 DPS accounts rolling teams. Like I said, 70% of the games I've played in platinum since the start of the season have had this.

Another alternative to smurf queue is making smurfing reportable, and doing the rank-return policy that CS or Siege have, where if a smurf or hacker is banned and they played in one of your games, your SR is returned. But I don't think Blizzard would do this, as making smurfing bannable would mean that they wouldn't be profiting from everyone who's buying alt accounts.

To reiterate, I'm not posting this about my SR. I hit GM on my main role, I don't really care about my off-role's rank. I just want to play in fun, fair games with friends is all.

Anyways, opinions on this? Should there be a smurf queue?

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