The psychology behind smurfing?

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I’ll firstly state that I’m new to Overwatch. Level 39, playing on Nintendo Switch and trying to learn and get better. I’m on EU servers, trying to play at times when all the kids are in school because the screaming in voicechat is awful. My progress is slow. So...

I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about smurfing and alt accounts, and I’m not sure I understand the idea behind it. WHY would you make a second account in the first place? In the past I’ve only played games where progress and saves were very precious and you’d rather jump off the roof than start the game from scratch, kwim?

Why would you spend money again on the same game just to start at zero accomplishments, playing with newbies who are terrible at the game AND ruining the fun for everyone involved? It seems so pointless and boring to me - unless I’m missing something. Can you enlighten me please?

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