What is up with throwers in this game? And does reporting them even help?

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Three matches today, I've had hard throwers in them. Both on my team and the enemy team.

First, it was the enemy Rein going around our team and charging to his death from behind usĀ every single time he respawned. He wasn't even trying to play the game.

Second, it was our team's Hanzo who was more preoccupied with doing random emotes in front of the enemy team. He wasn't even trying to play the game either.

Third time, I had our team's Rein and Roadhog repeatedly sneaking around the enemy team and crouch-walking behind them trying to get to the payload. Furthermore, the enemy team had a Winston who would find a comfortable spot on the map, use the sit emote and spam "No, I do not want a banana". When our Roadhog found out, he spent the rest of the match doing emotes with him.

To make matters worse, whenever I tried saying something in voice like "Tracer harassing our Ana" or "Watch out for Ashe top left", they just mocked my voice and laughed.

I just do not understand why people want to ruin competitive matches for other people. It's not fun playing against and it's not fun playing with.

I just want to know if I'm wasting my time reporting every single person I see hard throwing like that. Does Blizzard even care? Will they ever get banned when I report them or do I just have to accept that it's a part of competitive Overwatch?

I guess, I just want to know if I should keep reporting people like that or accept it.

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