Your dps queues* are the same as they used to be.

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Ive run into two smurfs who claimed to be masters/gm and said: 'my dps queues are 40 minutes so i smurf to play dps'. Smurfs will say anything to beat up on weaker players and still feel good about doing it.

Your dps queues are the same as they used to be. its the same amount of people wanting to play dps. The only reason you might have been able to play dps more often is when a game would go 3 dps/1tank or 1 healer. OR... you were the guy who instalocked dps and would never switch to tank or healer.

The only people who get to play dps less than they used to, are the dps players who would stick with their dps pick even when there were 4 dps in the game. So in reality your wait times *for a balanced 2/2/2 game* is the same. Its just now you sit in queue and play deathmatch or a custom game when before, you'd have been playing a lopsided game where you were the third or fourth dps during that time. You can play dps in deathmatch while waiting and still get the same *quality* of game youd have gotten being the 4th dps in a comp match. You just dont force others to lose SR this way.

I realize this is a shitty opinion but... if you ONLY ever want to play dps, you might be playing the wrong game. The game offers dozens of characters and 3 distinct play 'styles'. Tank, dps, healer. If you only play dps, *you are admitting you only want to play 1/3 of the content of this game*. Maybe Call of Duty would suit you better? I know that is obnoxious to say. But you can play dps every single game, with no wait time in COD. This is bad for blizzard though, they are trying to find a way to keep the DPS only players, and have balanced, well rounded games that are still fun for tanks and healers. Personally id rather have a smaller community and players who enjoy more than just the DPS playstyle.

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