Should bastion be reworked?

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Bastion is an interesting hero, as he kinda changes the whole game when he is played. In low ranks, Bastion can be super OP with bunker and completely oppress all team comps. However, in high ranks, hes kinda the opposite. Bastion is garbage in high ranked games, because of the superior teamwork.

Plus, and this is totally my opinion here, not part of the main argument, he isnt fun to have in any games for anyone. I hate having to play around a bastion on defence, and I hate trying to fight against it on offence.

Then the bastion either rolls or gets rolled, there really isnt a middle ground like with heros such as Mcree, Junk, Widow, Hanzo, or really any other DPS. He totally changes the game when he gets played, and I personally dont like it.

Opinions are welcome on this thought, and please be aware I'm just a plat/diamond tank main. Nothing really special to me.

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