Echo's Voice Actress revealed in Blizzard Official Poster for 'Zero Hour' - Introducing Hojo Shin

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Hey all!

After doing a bit of digging, it's fairly safe to say that we've actually managed to find both of Echo's Voice Actress' as it appears she's had two...

Echo's First VA.

Originally she was voiced by Lauren Tom - as the Blizzard Employee poster for the 'Reunion' Animated Short suggests. You can find 'Lauren Tom' who is not credited anywhere aside from in this tweet... With just three characters having lines (Aside from the bandits at the beginning) in that animated short, it's safe to assume that Lauren Tom voices Echo, as Matthew Mercer voices McCree and Jenifer Hale voices Ashe - leaving Echo.

Echo's Current VA (Zero Hour + Overwatch 2)

Moving on from that though, it's become somewhat evident that the Voice Actress for Echo has changed. Compare her lines here and contrast that with her lines in Overwatch 2 and Zero Hour here. You'll notice her original VA has a fairly different, and deeper voice. So, who took Lauren Tom's place. The more recent, Zero Hour cinematic poster suggests Hojo Shin. Take a look at these credits, among the heroes like Darin De Paul's Reinhardt and Lucie Pohl's Mercy - there's one name that hasn't been mentioned prior and that's Hojo Shin's. Doing a little digging reveals that Echo isn't even credited on IMDB at all despite featuring in the short. I find it interesting, that the French Police Officer - despite having more lines than Echo - is not credited here either. Which in my mind, alludes to the fact that Echo is going to be a future hero (Pretty sure Jeff has already said this though). They seem to only credit the 'heroes' of Overwatch, and the background characters aren't referenced.

Here's a clip of Hojo Shin speaking and once again here's Echo speaking. Add a little robot to the first one, and you've practically got a match.

Feel free to drop her a follow! Currently, she only has an Instagram.

I put all this info into my video where I go over what we know about Echo thus far, but it's nothing that hasn't been mentioned in this post already, so there's no urgent need to watch it. If you do wish to check it out, feel free to do so here.

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