Feel bad for any female players

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Had a game last night. I played mercy. I was the only one in voice chat. I had a good game about 10k healing (gold) and 4K damage boost. I died 4 times and had 7 rezzes. Ended up with the offense assists card. So take all that for whatever it means. I am sure I had plenty of mistakes, but overall I felt I had a good game. I have won about 12 out of my last 14 games as Mercy. So I feel I am getting a better handle on her.

After the game I checked that I had 4 messages from our Moira. All of them derogatory. Things from stop pocketing your boyfriend. To don’t rez me your an idiot. Then to flat out sexist name calling.

As a grown male adult. None of that bothers me. I laughed about how juvenile all of it was. I reported him and blocked him from being my teammate.

No girl, adult or teen needs to hear any of this. Seeing as I got this with a male gamer tag I can only imagine this guy is going nuts after every game. I am sure he isn’t the only one.

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