My single biggest hope for Overwatch 2 is that they introduce an in game team system.

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I've recently been on a really big break from this game, but decided to come back and do my placements at the very least. Less than 5 games in, my biggest issue with Overwatch is already evident, and ironically it has nothing to do with the game, it's the people that play the game. I love Overwatch. I love the gameplay, the lore, the characters, the design, all of it. That's what's kept me playing for well over 1k hours, and coming back for years, but I absolutely can't stand the people that play it.

Between people refusing to join team chart, Smurfs in every other game at the very least, blatant throwers, people who just spam their mic with intentionally obnoxious sounds, etc. I can't stand it. I've been playing online FPS games since the early 2000's, and I've never played a game that requires teamwork more than this, and yet there's basically no incentive to play as a team. Six stacking is actively punished. Why there still isn't an in game team system, with in game tournaments is beyond me.

As much as I love Overwatch, the people that play it have basically driven me away. What's the point of playing an extremely team based game where you're basically flipping a coin as to whether or not you're going to play with actual people who want to communicate and win, or the most toxic idiots known to man?

A team system, that encourages a full team vs another full team would basically solve every single problem I've ever had with Overwatch. Teams, ladders, and tournaments, all promoted and conducted in game would be a dream come true. Blizzard please, this is 100% necessary to the health and longevity of this game.

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