An Overwatch Study: Participants Needed

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Hello Gamers I need your help,

I am a high-school senior working on my AP Research Project and I pick Overwatch as it is something I care about and hope to "get good" at.

This Study is going to test which is more effective in the competitive setting, individual skill or teamwork as I feel there needs to be a clear defining line and no one has ever done it before.

Participants will be split into 2 teams and each of those teams will have a different focus in practice and they will use professional game play from the Overwatch League as a guide for their focus. They will play in a best of 3 match like the league.

There are a few more parameters but those will be explained for those those participating.

If interested feel free to contact me either in the comments or on:

discord: GamingwithDJ#0805

email: [email protected]

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