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One of my biggest fears for the sequel is that talents will only be for the heroes chosen for Story missions. I wanted to see how hard it would be to make talents for all 31 heroes. It only took me a day, so if I could do it I don't see why the entire Blizzard team couldn't.

Reinhardt has at least 7 talents, so I came up with 8 talents for each hero to round it out.

(Talents with * are official talents revealed in gameplay or BlizzCon)

Tank Talents


Level 1

Game Over- When Mech health reaches 0, mech will fall apart as usual, but each piece explodes to deal 50 damage

Landing Zone- Call Mech produces larger shockwave that knocks enemies back and deals 100 damage

Level 10

Shooting Star- Ram into enemy with Boosters to set them on fire

Micro Flares- Micro Missiles shoots flares that can intercept projectiles in midair

Level 20

Build Up Charge- Mech draws in enemies before it Self Destructs

Disassembly Matrix- Barriers do not block projectiles while under Defense Matrix, enemies covered by Matrix take more damage

Level 50

Defensive Dome- Defense Matrix covers 360 degrees in 7.5 meter radius

Photon Cannon- Micro Missile fires the projectiles from Pilot D.va's Light Gun instead


Level 1

Mobile Barrier- Protective Barrier hovers in front of Orisa instead of being placed on the ground

Charger Shield- The Supercharger is protected by a 300 HP barrier

Level 10

Fusion Charge- Critical hits from Fusion Driver charges your Ultimate faster

Cease!- Halt! stuns all enemies it passes through before it activates

Level 20

Ubercharger- Supercharger gives Fortify effect to all allies boosted by it

Citizen's Arrest- Halt! holds enemies in place for 4 seconds, but they spin around the way they used to in Zarya's ultimate

Level 50

Immovable Object- If you are hit by a melee attack while Fortified (Talon Assassin or Talon Heavy's charge) the damage is deflected back to attacker and they are stunned

Fortification- Fortify increases health by 300 Armor


Level 1

*Fire Burst- Fire Strike explodes every time it deals damage, lighting nearby enemies on fire

*Frenzy- Rocket Hammer swings faster after consecutive hits

Level 10

*Impact Converter- Rocket Hammer damage recharges your Barrier Field

*Amplification Field- Barrier Field increases damage of friendly projectiles passing through it

Level 20

*Balderich's Stand- Gain armour and damage when your barrier breaks

*Fault Line- Earthshatter does more damage in a narrower cone

Level 50

*Epicentre- Earthshatter travels in all direction

Forward Assault- Charge can pin up to 3 enemies at once


Level 1

Barbed Hook- Chain Hook stuns enemy even after they are released

Sinker- Scrap Gun reloads automatically when you successfully hook an enemy

Level 10

Slag Metal- Whole Hog sets enemies on fire

Junk Ball- Scrap Gun alternate fire headshot does triple damage if it hits before detonation

Level 20

Stored Fat- Gain 150 additional HP if Take a Breather is used at full health, for a total of 750 HP

Funnel- Whole Hog fires in a tighter spread instead of a cone

Level 50

Chem Pump- Damage taken during Take a Breather heals for 50% of damage taken

Scrap Blast- At point blank range Scrap Gun knocks back enemy


Level 1

Iron Core- Accretion knocks down enemy for maximum amount of time regardless of distance

Reconstruction- Experimental Barrier is restored by 50% of max health when taken down

Level 10

Asteroid- Accretion launches in straight line at faster speed

Kinetic Converter- Kinetic Grasp heals and boosts healing received from allies

Level 20

Optimal Barrier- Experimental Barrier does not take damage while it is being deployed

Gravity Anomaly- Gravitic Flux draws in enemies into area of effect and deals constant damage until the slam

Level 50

Gravity Well- Enemy is briefly held in place if both Hyperspheres hit

Black Hole- Kinetic Grasp draws in every projectile that enters a 5 meter radius and gives shields for 100% of the damage


Level 1

Primeval Rage- Surrounded by electricity during Primal Rage to deal extra damage

Take Off- Surrounding enemies are set on fire when Jump Pack is triggered

Level 10

Re-entry- Enemies get knocked down if you land on them with Jump Pack

Projector Error- Barrier Projector explodes when it expires

Level 20

Electrobarrier- All enemies inside Barrier Projector are electrocuted

Primal Beast- The extra 500 HP during Primal Rage is converted to armor

Level 50

Malfunction- Tesla Cannon does extra damage to barriers and reloads while damaging them

Giga Coils- Tesla Cannon reloads and increases damage by 33% with each kill, maxes out at 100%

Wrecking Ball

Level 1

Multi Claw- Grappling Claw has 3 charges

Blazing Speed- At high speed enemies struck are set ablaze

Level 10

Meteor Mines- Mines float above out of sight and come crashing down when enemy is detected below

Adaptive Drop- Gain 100 shields for every enemy hit by Piledriver

Level 20

Rocketball- Use Piledriver even when on the ground

Billiards- Enemies take bonus damage if they are knocked into each other or walls

Level 50

Volatile Mines- Destroy one mine to set off entire field at once instead of each individual going off automatically

Eruptive Shield- Whenever Adaptive Shield takes damage, it explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies


Level 1

Frontline- Damage boosted when shield health is depleted

Plasmathrower- Particle Cannon sets enemy on fire at high energy

Level 10

Power Surge- The more enemies caught in Graviton Surge the higher Particle Cannon damage is

Particle Charge- Damage blocked by barriers give extra ultimate charge

Level 20

Event Horizon- Enemies caught in Graviton Surge take extra damage

Damage Conversion- Damage blocked by Projected Barrier boosts ally's damage

Level 50

Shield Network- Projected Barrier covers up to 3 allies in a group

Energy Conversion- Plasma Barrier converts damage into healing by 50%

Damage Talents


Level 1

Double Barrel- Coach Gun has 2 charges and fires twice as many pellets

Firing Squad- B.O.B will focus fire on any enemy who mark with a sniped shot, shooting with firearms on both arms

Level 10

The Muscle- B.O.B knocks enemies down

Speed Charge- Headshots give extra ultimate charge

Level 20

Sensor Fuse- Dynamite explodes automatically once it is close to enemy

Black Powder- At close range, Coach Gun burns enemy

Level 50

Nitro- Dynamite sets the terrain on fire

The Gunner- B.O.B is equipped with shotguns


Level 1

Ironclad- Take 50% less damage during transition between Recon and Sentry

Artillery Elite- Sentry weapon can deal headshots

Level 10

Incendiary Rounds- Tank rounds set enemies on fire

Assault Shield- Use Self-Repair to deploy a 400 HP barrier in front of you for 4 seconds

Level 20

Configuration: Grenade Launcher- Tank rounds contain shrapnel

Upgraded Repair- Self-Repair heals in a 200 HP burst

Level 50

Treaded Feet- Move faster in Recon form when not firing or healing

On-Field Repair- Take 50% less damage while healing


Level 1

Unstoppable Force- Rocket Punch works in any direction you aim like Genji's Swift Strike

Fisticuffs- Successful damage with any ability fully restores ammo

Level 10

Perfect Defense- There is no limit to shields gained by The Best Defense

Knockout- Rising Uppercut stuns enemy

Level 20

Extinction Event- Meteor Strike has an explosion with 16 meter radius that deals 150 damage

Seismic Strike- Seismic Slam always does maximum damage

Level 50

Shatterwave- Rocket Punch can knock back multiple enemies

Newton's Law- Enemy struck by Rocket Punch damages and knocks back other enemies it rams into


Level 1

Assassin's Blade- Swift Strike damages enemy by 20/sec for 4 seconds

Hyper Agility- You can triple Jump and wall climbing is indefinite

Level 10

*Dragon's Breath- Dragonblade shoots out a projectile

Steady Blade- Deflected projectiles are automatically returned to the attacker, no aiming required

Level 20

Perfect Parry- Deflected projectiles double in power

Sojiro's Teaching- Swift Stike cooldown instant if you cut more than one enemy

Level 50

Dragon of the North Wind- Dragonblade surrounds you in a cyclone that slices up enemies that get too close

Scatter Shuriken- Fan of Blades shurikens split into 9 shurikens and ricochet


Level 1

Skywalk- Lunge has 3 charges and wall climbing is indefinite

Assassin's Arrow- Storm Arrows slow down enemy

Level 10

Dragon's Fang- Storm Arrows pierce through enemies and barriers

Quick Charge- Headshots give extra ultimate charge

Level 20

*Sojiro's Guidance- Arrow hunts down all enemies detected by Sonic Arrow

Taser Arrow- Sonic Arrow stuns enemy

Level 50

Dragon of the South Wind- Dragonstrike sucks in enemies that stray too near

Simple Geometry- Fully drawn arrows and Storm Arrows ricochet


Level 1

Parting Gift- Total Mayhem drops a trap and grenades that go off when the trap activates

Hunting Gear- Steel Trap has 3 charges and Concussion Mine has 3 charges

Level 10

Armed Trap- Steel Trap explodes when it is triggered

Scrap Frag- Frag Launcher rounds contain shrapnel

Level 20

Oil Drum- Concussion Mine sets enemy on fire

Gaspowered- RIP-Tire sets enemies on fire, runtime is longer

Level 50

Sticky Bomb Launcher- Frag Launcher shoots grenades that only explode in proximity to enemy. They don't bounce instead sticking to any terrain. Up to 10 can be on field at a time

Tire Spikes- RIP-Tire damages enemies it makes contact with, HP is Armor


Level 1

Take Cover- Combat Roll has 3 charges

Fully Loaded- Fan the Hammer always fires 6 shots

Level 10

Steady Hand- Fan the Hammer has a tighter spread, can headshot

Standoff- Taking damage speeds up time Deadeye needs to deal killing blow

Level 20

Blinding Flash- Flashbang not blocked by barriers, blinds enemy for 3 seconds

Dust Roll- Take no damage during Combat Roll

Level 50

Shootout- If killing blow is lined up before enemy gets behind wall or barrier, they are not safe from Deadeye

Crack Shot- Consecutive shots rack up damage 25%, up to 100%


Level 1

*Shatter- Frozen enemies shatter when killed dealing damage to surrounding enemies

*Cold Snap- When exiting Cryo-Freeze, nearby enemies are frozen

Level 10

*Hypothermia- Blizzard instanly kills enemies below 200 HP

*Snowball Effect- Bowl forward with Cryo-Freeze to knock over enemies

Level 20

*Frostbite- Frozen enemies take more damage

*Polar Vortex- Blizzard covers a greater area and ignores line of sight

Level 50

Spinechilling- Enemies freeze faster the lower their health

Brain Freeze- Headshots give extra Ultimate charge


Level 1

Aerial Refuel- Jump Jet fully restores fuel

Crowd Control- If Rocket Launcher hits enemy directly, splash range is doubled to 5 meter radius

Level 10

Emergency Fuel- Hold jump to descend slowly when Hover Jets fuel runs out

Lift Off- Jump Jet burns nearby enemies

Level 20

Concussion- Concussive Blast stuns enemy on direct hit

Mortar Barrage- Barrage sets the terrain on fire

Level 50

Flash Barrage- Barrage fires flares that negate incoming projectiles

Strike Down- Enemy killed by Rocket Launcher or Barrage explodes to deal 100 damage in 5 meter radius


Level 1

Soul Eater- Enemies drop souls that heal 50 HP

Shade Gate- Shadow Step makes you invisible for 10 seconds

Level 10

Hellstorm- Death Blossom launches 12 grenades that deal 100 damage each

Harvest- Headshots give self healing for 100% of damage dealt

Level 20

Gift from the Devil- If a shotgun is fully depleted when it's dropped, it will self destruct and spew shrapnel

Demon Form- Drain health from nearby enemies in Wraith form, deals 20/sec, heals 10/sec for each enemy affected

Level 50

Hellfire- At pointblank range shotguns set enemy on fire

God of Death- Every kill boosts damage by 30% for 10 seconds, capped at 120%


Level 1

Recharge- Ammo restored while dealing damage, similar to Symmetra's primary fire, also slowly reloads over time

Focus Fire- Heavy Pulse Rifle more accurate for 6 shots instead of 3, maximum spread is tighter

Level 10

Shoulder Check- Sprint directly into enemy to knock them back

Multiple Hostiles- Tactical Visor can target up to 3 enemies

Level 20

Hyper Rockets- Helix Rocket makes enemy explode to deal 100 damage to surrounding enemies

Boosting Field- Biotic Field boosts damage by 30%

Level 50

Hardened Veteran- Tactical Visor deals more damage the less health an enemy has

Biotic Shield- Biotic Field deploys a 250 HP barrier


Level 1

System Failure- Enemy immobilized when hacked

Firewall- Hack puts a 50 HP barrier in front of you when hand is raised

Level 10

Covert- Damage does not remove Stealth until you are under half health

Reversion- Translocator works like Tracer's Recall, restoring health to what it was when you placed it

Level 20

Marionette- If you hack an enemy that's at critical health, they fight on your side until they die

Critical Failure- EMP cuts the targets current HP in half

Level 50

Turn Coat- Targets hacked by EMP fight for your team for duration of hack

Cheap Shot- Shooting an enemy in the back deals critical hit


Level 1

Gamma Ray- Photon Projector attacks go through enemies, alternate not blocked by barriers

Symmetry- Up to 6 Sentry Turrets can be deployed

Level 10

Crystalline Barrier- Photon Barrier does not expire until it is destroyed

Electro Turret- Sentry Turrets shoot electric current to hit multiple enemies. Has less range but deals 60 damage per second

Level 20

Shield Generator- Teleporter replaced by Shield Generator that increases health by 50% in shield form

Nuclear Fission- Primary Fire max damage builds up faster and lasts longer

Level 50

Sentry Orbitar- Sentry Turret orbits around you at chest level, hold key to have it follow ally

Photon Fortress- Photon Barrier has 3 charges, 2nd charge requires 840 points, 3rd charge requires 420 points (nice)


Level 1

Flaming Hammer- Forger Hammer damage gives twice the ultimate charge

Red Hot- Rivet Gun spews flames during Overload

Level 10

*Flame Thrower- Turrets shoot out flames

Heat Wave- Molten Core heat reaches upward to damage enemies midair

Level 20

Melting Point- When Molten Core is shot out, it goes straight through enemies and barriers

*My Babies- Place 3 miniature turrets

Level 50

Extra Supplies- During Overload, Alt and Primary Fire are combined. Fire 10 shot spread and the 70 damage rivet in one shot. Rivet Gun does not consume ammo

Power Up- During Overload, turret is upgraded to Level 3


Level 1

*Adaptive Reload- Pulse Pistols reload when using any ability

*Chain Reaction- Pulse Bomb triggers a secondary explosion on all enemies caught in the splash

Level 10

*Flash- Blinking through an enemy damages

*Hindsight- Recall triggers additional damage to enemies marked by Pulse Pistols

Level 20

*Vortex- Enemies are pulled towards the point of Recall and snared

*Speed Kills- Killing blows speed up cooldowns

Level 50

Slipstream- Shooting an enemy in the back charges ultimate faster

Time Anomaly- Enemies that survive the Pulse Bomb are greatly slowed down


Level 1

Reposition- Grappling Hook has 2 charges

Kiss of Death- Fully charged scoped shots poison enemy during Ultimate

Level 10

Merciless- In full-automatic mode, headshots deal 2.5x the damage

One Shot- Headshots give twice the ultimate charge

Level 20

Crippling Venom- Venom Mine slows down enemy

Optimized- Scoped shots always at full charge

Level 50

Lethal Gas- Venom Mine effects last until enemy reaches half health or death

Phase Shifting Rounds- During Infra-Sight, scoped shots go through everything, even walls

Support Talents


Level 1

Heavy Tranq- Enemy does not awaken from Sleep Dart until it expires, even if they take damage

Nanobolster- Nano Boost fully heals and increases speed by 50%

Level 10

Expertise- Consecutive shots increase effects by 50%

KO Drug- 5 consecutive scoped shots put enemy to sleep

Level 20

Alchemy Grenade- Biotic Grenade heals allies over time, poisons enemies

Quick Dispatch- Kills give extra ult charge

Level 50

Nanite Darts- Nano Boost has 2 charges. 2nd charge requires 1575 points

KO Grenade- Biotic Grenade sleeps all enemies


Level 1

Anti-G- Hold jump in midair to glide

Matrix Shield- Amplification Matrix negates enemy damage

Level 10

Skyshooter- Healing and damage increased in midair

Reinforce- Use Regenerative Burst to make Immortality Field invulnerable

Level 20

Undertaker- Kills speed up Immortality Field cooldown time

Immortal Hero- Immortality Field heals 50 HP/sec, health does not drop below half

Level 50

Immortal Warrior- Immortality Field boosts damage 30%

Rejuvenation- Regenerative Burst increases maximum health


Level 1

Chain Extension- Rocket Flail extends to hit more enemies and from farther away

Suit Up- Repair Pack armor is permanent

Level 10

Booster Mace- Whip Shot can pin enemy against wall to deal 210 damage

Embolden- Inspire healing boosts the more enemies hit in one swing of Rocket Flail, Inspire heals barriers

Level 20

Shield Blast- Shield Bash can stun multiple enemies

Build 'em Up, Break 'em Down- Kills restore Repair Packs and Inspire heals in burst

Level 50

Invigoration- Armor gained from Rally restores over time like shield health until it is depleted

Deflector Shield- Barrier Shield health converted to 300 armor and reflects projectiles


Level 1

*Healing Wave- Soundwave heals 25% of allies' max health

*Mashup- Both songs take effect during Amp it Up

Level 10

*Beatmatching- Damage dealt during Speed Boost adds bonus healing to Healing Boost

*Fortississimo- Projectiles added to Primary Fire burst for each enemy struck by Soundwave

Level 20

*Power Skating- Soundwave's damage and knockback scale up based on your forward speed

*Accelerando- Critical hits speed up Amp it Up cooldown

Level 50

Blastwave- Knock enemy into wall with Soundwave to stun them and deal extra damage

Wall of Sound- Enemies caught in Sound Barrier when it's cast get stunned


Level 1

Battle Angel- Caduceus Staff engages healing and damage beams simultaneously during Valkyrie

Get back in the Fight- Ressurect is instant and has 2 charges

Level 10

Shining Beacon- Stun enemies when flying with Guardian Angel

Herald- Double and fully restore HP when Valkyrie is triggered

Level 20

Guardian- Guardian Angel teleports you to ally

Leader's Devotion- When ally is being damage boosted, they get self-heal for 30% of the damage they deal

Level 50

Miracle Worker- Ressurect multiple allies during Valkyrie

Acceleration- Damage boosting an ally increases the rate they charge their Ultimate


Level 1

Dual Orb- Biotic Orb heals and damages, has 2 charges

Phase- Fade poisons enemies you pass through

Level 10

Biotic Bomb- Biotic Orb explodes when it expires

Cellular Increase- Ally under Biotic Grasp effect receives less damage

Level 20

Danger Zone- If you are at critical health, self heal is 100% of damage. If ally is at critical health, healing is boosted 50%

Disseverance- Choose between either doubling the damage or doubling the healing of Coalescence

Level 50

Strangle- Biotic Grasp damage increases over time like Symmetra's primary fire, goes from 50 to 100 to 150

Biotic Tracker- Healing Orb follows ally, Damage Orb follows enemy


Level 1

Despair- Enemies marked by Discord Orb receive 3x the damage from critical hits instead of 2x

Emblazon- Ally marked by Harmony Orb receives 25% less damage

Level 10

Comfort- Harmony Orb can go through walls to heal ally

Amass- Amount of enemies in vicinity increase amount of projectiles in Orb Volley. 2 enemies gives 6 orbs per volley, 3 gives 7, caps off at 8

Level 20

Turmoil- Discord Orb target takes more damage the less health they have

Eradication- Orb Volley pierces though enemies and barriers

Level 50

Ascension- Team becomes invincible during Transcendence. Even heals dead allies, resurrecting them after 4 seconds

Yin and Yang- Harmony and Discord can both be cast on one target to triple respective effect, 90 healing/sec for ally, +75% damage received for enemy

(I'm looking forward to feedback and any ideas other people might have)

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