Tired of racism in chat

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I am in NA and have a clear accent while on chat. While I always stay positive and give callouts I encounter a lot of racism and made fun of on my accent as soon as the game goes south. It is frustrating and I don't want to get bullied in to not joining chats. Why is NA chat such narrow minded and bullying. Almost never had this problem in EU or Asia servers - really a problem in NA. I guess what I want to encourage with this post is don't sink to lowest of the lows - it's a game just have fun!

Edit: people suggesting me to have thick skin, I do have a thick skin but I don't like to think that I am the problem here (Maybe I am - a bit proud but I intentionally avoid making hurtful comments).

Edit2: Adding to this - a lot of females have to listen to (honestly psychopathic) inappropriate game comm which really dwarves my little problem here. Let's try to encourage an overall healthy game comm. If someone tries this in your game - call them out.

Also I am not looking for empathy - just trying to spread a message for a better comm in OW so everyone has fun!

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