UPDATE: So... Overwatch 2 is really coming. And now I have to eat a cow dick.

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So about a year ago, like any anonymous stranger on the internet, I made quite a boisterous wager that I had 0 intention of following up on.

Now, when I made the post, I thought nothing of it, but just as the internet does best--somebody didn't forget. A whole year later, the karmic forces of the internet aligned and now I have to consume cow dick. In fact, it seems the Reddit mob has struck internet gold; I'm nate from the Blizzard Guides YouTube channel (Proof: https://imgur.com/rzYKv4a).

Naturally, that means I'm going to be making a few calls to local butcher shops, lighting the grill, and come Sunday I'll have the video posted on the Blizzard Guides channel. If anyone in the DFW area knows where I can get a cow dick, I'd be indebted to you.

I'll post video evidence to this subreddit and Subreddit iconr/videos, and let the Overwatch 2 Cow Dick be my demise. also please upvote those posts don't let me eat cow dick in vein

P.S. Do I have to eat the balls too?

EDIT: "uhmmm well AKSHUALYS cows dont have PeePees!!11111! u mean a bull!!! did u know that COWS is GIRL and BULLS is BOY!!????????"

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