‘The Internal Silence Is Deafening,’ Blizzard Employee Says About China Controversy

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VICE did an interview with a Blizzard employee sometime before J. Allen Brack's statement was released. It's a good read. I think the end of the article is especially notable:

The employee said that ultimately whether or not Blizzard stands up to China won't make a difference in the long run because the game industry more broadly is relying on revenue from offering its products in China. Change will only matter if it happens on a scale that is bigger than just Activision Blizzard.

“We're damned if we don't take a stand—we'll have lost a lot of support from fans outside of China. We're damned if we do—you can't keep the lights on when we lose income from China and others more hungry swoop in to take our place," the employee said. "Even if I did leave, where would I go that's not beholden to access or income from China today or tomorrow?”

“Change can only happen if consumers across the spectrum take a hard look at what we have poured our cash into supporting if we want to make a real difference and stop this cycle of appeasement.”

Edit: This post has gained some traction, and I'd like to urge people to read the full interview, not just the portion I directly quoted. It's not that long, and there's stuff said there not mentioned here.

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