Overwatch League 2020 Season Rosterpocalypse [Megathread]

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Table of Contents

  • About this Megathread

  • Important Dates

  • Confirmed Roster Changes (Additions / Departures / Under Contract / Two-Way Players)

  • Confirmed Coaching Changes (Additions / Departures)

  • New to the 2020 Season

  • References

About this Megathread

This thread will reflect all official player and coach changes on or after July 25th (the beginning of Stage 4). All changes will be referenced by official communication by teams, Blizzard, or the player of discussion. Unofficial sources and rumors will not be listed.

Important Dates

September 30th: Signing window opens for teams to exercise team options on existing player contracts, negotiate extensions with currently signed players, or sign players from their affiliated academy team competing in Contenders.

October 7th: Teams that have completed exercising (or declining) all existing contract options may submit free-agent player contracts to the League Office for approval. Teams may also submit player trades for approval.

November 11th: 2019 season agreements officially end. Any players not under contract into the 2020 season become free agents. In order to facilitate these players signing with new teams before the initial roster deadline, those players set to become free agents in November are permitted to discuss contracts with other teams before their 2019 contracts formally expire.

November 15th: Deadline for all teams to have a minimum of eight players under contract.

June 14th, 2020: 2020 Season trade/sign deadline.

Confirmed Roster Changes

Teams Departures Additions Under Contract Two-Way Players
Atlanta Reign       FunnyAstro^7
Boston Uprising     Axxiom^7, Blasé^7, Colourhex^7, Fusions^7  
Chengdu Hunters     Ameng^7, Baconjack^7, Elsa^7, Garry^7, Jinmu^7, Kyo^7, Lateyoung^7, YangXiaoLong^7, Yveltal^7  
Dallas Fuel     aKm^7, Closer^7, Harryhook^7, Mickie^7, OGE^7, Taimou^7, Trill^7, Unkoe^7, Zacharee^7  
Florida Mayhem HaGoPeun^8, RaiN^8, Xepher^8, DPi^8, Swon^8   Fate^7, Sayaplayer^7  
Guangzhou Charge     Chara^7, Rio^7  
Hangzhou Spark     Adora^7, Bebe^7, GodsB^7, Guxue^7, IDK^7, Krystal^7, Ria^7, Zijin^7  
Houston Outlaws     Coolmatt^7, Jake^7, Linkzr^7, Muma^7, Rawkus^7, SPREE^7  
London Spitfire NUS^6, Guard^6, Birdring^6   Bdosin^7, Fury^7, Gesture^7, Krillin^7, Profit^7  
Los Angeles Gladiators        
Los Angeles Valiant     Agilities^7, Custa^7, KariV^7, KSF^7, Space^7  
New York Excelsior Flow3r^11   Anamo^7, jjonak^7, Libero^7, Mano^7, Nenne^7, Pine^7, Saebyeolbe^7  
Paris Eternal     Benbest^7, Hyp^7, Nicogdh^7, SoOn^7  
Philadelphia Fusion     Boombox^7, Poko^7  
San Francisco Shock Nevix^15   Architect^7, Choihyobin^7, Moth^7, Rascal^7, Sinatraa^7, Smurf^7, Striker^7, Super^7, Viol2t^7  
Seoul Dynasty Munchkin^1, Tobi^16, zunba^18   FITS^7, Highly^7, Illicit^7, Jecse^7, Marve1^7, Michelle^7  
Shanghai Dragons     Envy^7, Izayaki^7  
Toronto Defiant Gods^9, Sharyk^12, Aid^13, im37^14     RoKy^17
Vancouver Titans   TiZi^3 Bumper^7, Haksal^7, Hooreg^7, Jjanu^7, Seominsoo^7, Slime^7, Stitch^7, Twilight^7  
Washington Justice Fahzix^2, ArK^4, sleepy^5, Ado^10, Hyeonu^10, Janus^10, SanSam^10, Gido^19   Corey^7, Ellivote^7, Lullsish^7  

^7 2020 Team Needs and Player Contract Status as of October 4th

Confirmed Coaching Changes

Teams Departures Additions
Atlanta Reign    
Boston Uprising Gunba^C, Shake^L Mineral^B, iLka^L
Chengdu Hunters    
Dallas Fuel    
Florida Mayhem KH1^8  
Guangzhou Charge    
Hangzhou Spark   U4^D
Houston Outlaws Tairong^J, HyunWoo^J  
London Spitfire Jfeel^I  
Los Angeles Gladiators dpei^K, Tim^O dpei^Q
Los Angeles Valiant    
New York Excelsior    
Paris Eternal KyKy^N  
Philadelphia Fusion NamedHwi^L, Hayes^M  
San Francisco Shock    
Seoul Dynasty    
Shanghai Dragons BluehaS^F, Levi^F Moon^G
Toronto Defiant Bishop^A, Optidox^E  
Vancouver Titans    
Washington Justice WizardHyeong^H, AVALLA^H, mkL^H, Shrugger^H JohnGalt^P

New to the 2020 Season

2020 Divisions

Atlantic North Atlantic South Pacific East Pacific West
Boston Atlanta Chengdu Dallas
London Florida Guangzhou LA Valiant
New York Houston Hangzhou LA Gladiators
Paris Philadelphia Shanghai San Francisco
Toronto Washington Seoul Vancouver

Update to Two-Way Players

The 2020 season will introduce an evolution of the two-way player contract to incorporate player and team feedback from the 2019 season. Teams and players may negotiate the right to designate the player as eligible to compete on an affiliated Contenders team. Any player on the roster may agree to be eligible for Contenders play, but a maximum of four players may be designated as “two-way” players at any given time.


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