They changed how Mei's wall (and other abilities) are placed, and it's irritatingly broken.

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Ground targeted abilities (Reaper’s Shadowstep, Mei’s Icewall, Symmetra’s Teleporter, etc) will now more heavily prefer edges over placing as far away as possible.

With this patch they changed how Mei's wall, Reaper's Teleport, and Symmetra's Portal are placed. I don't know why they did, but it's so much worse than it was.

I've only tested it with Mei, but here are a number of examples. When the wall outline glowy thing doesn't show up you can't place it at all.


A few notes:

  • It's not affected by broken terrain. Broken fences result in the same as not broken fences.

  • Previously your wall would only not appear when looking too far up in to the sky.

  • Previously your wall would default to it's maximum range if nothing else was in range. It still seems to do this, but only when aiming at absolutely nothing.

  • Previously your wall would appear on the floor when aiming at terrain.

The point of these changes was to make your wall favor edges more frequently. I honestly have no idea why that was necessary as it always seemed to do a great job. Wall placement was quite consistent before these changes. Perhaps these changes translate better to Symmetra or Reaper but I can't really say since I never play them.

I have over 1000 hours as Mei so I'd like to say I have a pretty good feeling for how my Wall works. Everything I showed in these gifs is new behaviour and was not like this previously. As it stands this is simply really annoying.

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