Playing with a special needs player

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Today on role queue quick play, our team had a soldier DPS who was moving a little strangely, not really communicating. Some of our team members were typing in the chat that he was maybe lagging. Half way through the game, the guy switched on his mic and apologised. It was fairly clear he had special needs. He asked us to please not kick him because he was really trying to do better.

So we tried to help, advise him to move a bit more, pick certain characters. We ended up staying in a five/six stack and I’m just really grateful to that bunch of people. I think we made that guy’s day. We won half of the 12 games we played together! One of our healers was especially awesome with the directing. So maybe next time we think someone is moving “like a bot” or is having trouble, we can just take some more time and be patient. Just a nice story to share.

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