Role Queue feels like this is how Overwatch was always meant to be played.

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Role Queue has changed the immense frustration of ranked play over to one of fun and excitement. Previously knowing you team was likely to lose on the hero selection screen gave me a love/hate attitude towards Overwatch. The hero's and their abilities have always been what draws me to the game. But when your team is 4-1-1 while red team is 2-2-2 and you get steamrolled time after time until the 3rd objective when FINALLY a dps player changes to healer or tank because they knew all along that's what the team needed to help stall the enemy payload push was maddening beyond belief.

Yes I understand 2-2-2 isn't the magic comp number that solves all problems, and it does introduce role limitations within a match. But now in each game it feels like your team has a chance, it doesn't feel hopeless like ranked did before you even left the spawn doors. But taking into account how disorganized a random group of 6 people attempting to play as a team is, 2-2-2 makes a major positive difference. Role queue should have been implemented years ago. Many of my friends have abandoned Overwatch because they couldn't take it anymore seeing a single team healer Zen trying to heal a single team tank Reinhardt.

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