The Support Meta is in One of the Healthiest Points in History

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In this new 2-2-2 meta, we are seeing Orisa dominate the main tank position and Roadhog and dominate on off-tank. Similarly, on DPS, Mei has almost become a must-pick whilst Reaper and Hanzo both are incredibly viable, with Widow being very good situationally. However, something that I've noticed this meta is that the support position is incredibly healthy. For one of the first times in Overwatch history, we are seeing almost every support character getting playtime. Main support players are playing Lucio, Baptiste almost equally along with some Mercy, and off support players are playing Zen, Ana, and Moira almost equally. The one support who has fallen off since the beginning of the stage is Brig, but even she had some decent playtime alongside Lucio at the beginning of the stage. I know the meta is still new, but compared to other positions support still has the most variety in choices by far, whereas DPS and tank heroes have mostly fallen into place in the meta. What do you guys think? Will the support meta stay this healthy throughout the playoffs or will we see one or two heroes in each position emerge dominant as usual?

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