Ranked badly needs an overhaul.

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Firstly, let me just say that I am by no means good at overwatch. I'm mid bronze atm with a peak SR in low silver. I'm not arguing that I should be higher than I am, because I am still fairly new and I have the game sense of a potato taking a shit.

However, I just played a match on Volskaya where my team was defending relatively well, and we were winning, until 2 players left the match unexpectedly. Now, I don't want to talk shit about other people so I'll just assume their computers both DC'd at exactly the same time to give them the benefit of the doubt. We lost the first round as quickly as could be expected, but the remaining 4 of us coordinated ults well and were able to cap the first point on attack. Then with ~1:30 left in the match, a third player apologized in team chat and left the game too. The last 3 of us played the match out and lost, obviously.

My problem is that in that situation, I don't think it was remotely fair that I lost ~30 SR from that game. I admit that I could have played better and would be okay with losing some SR in that situation because it was still a loss and that's fair, but I think that if a team with leavers loses the game, which almost always happens when there is a leaver, there should be a 40-60% reduction of SR lost depending on the stats of each individual player.

Sorry for the rant I just got VERY tilted at that particular situation. Hope you all have an awesome day.

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