Inquiry: Could we have the option to hide our level?

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I'm not amazing at the game, but I enjoy it on a casual level.

I've recently hit silver portrait level and I meet people who are newer at the game than me (or just smurfs trolling) comment about my level not matching my poor skills.

Is it possible to implement a feature that gives us the option to hide our level? Maybe just to a flat level 100?

I've begun to hesitate playing out of embarrassment of leveling further. I've even debated creating my own smurf account, but it seems like a waste especially considering I won't have my cosmetics.

edit: From the following comments, Blizz already pairs us with players of our caliber. I don't get why people are getting weirdly toxic here about levels. It's not a matter of being called out for being bad, it's a matter of our player level (purely vanity anyway) being a cause for bullying.

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