Unpopular opinion (or popular opinion?) -- Can we allow some memes again? Front page is ALL

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I know Mods don't want the place flooded with memes, but I think there's ways we can keep it under control:

  • Only allow submissions every 2-3 days or so (or more?). There's really no reason you must post something multiple times a day in this subreddit anyways. I'm just not sure if Mods have this ability on their end. But it should help cut down on spammers and Karma leeches.

  • Create a filter where people who want to see the memes can see it, and those who opt out can unclick something and the meme posts are not seen.

  • Or, at the very least, allow certain days of the week (or one whole week) as Meme Day or Meme Week forĀ /r/Overwatch. Kind of something to look forward to for those who like the memes.

I thought the memes were not only funny, they often addressed very nuanced parts of the game that Highlights don't always touch upon. Highlights show cool moments. But memes sometimes hit at the heart of what a Mercy, D.Va, Rein or Tracer main would feel.

So yes, you got laughs, but the memes about a Lucio or Ashe would actually spawn a real discussion about game mechanics and strategy. A lot of 'what we should be doing and not doing.'

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