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So I want to make a game-play music video to a Nerdout song called Hammer Down and this project is too much for me and my gang to accomplish so I wanted to reach out to this awesome community! I need, preferably YouTube, clips of the following things. I'm not picky with how these are done and I don't mind if there are mixed of console and PC. Please let me know if you can help!


Hammer Down Choreography

Cast: Lucio, Pharah, Ana, Rein, Torb, Mei, McCree, Tracer, Soldier*



Clips Needed:

  • Lucio Ult X 5

  • Rein Ult x 5

  • Mei Ult x 3

  • Pharah Ult x 3

  • McCree Ult x 3


  • Load Nepal and Hollywood screen

  • 3v3 Charge in

  • 1v1 Stand against

  • Rein Block Pharah Ult w/ 2 heros next to him

  • Show Pharah and hitscan from hitscan perspective x 3, different hitscans

  • Rein and Torb hammer clips

  • Ana sleeping close enemies x 3

  • Ana nano and los of Rein x 2

  • Rein harge with nanod x 2

  • Dance emotes, simple for me to get, but I like the random cosmetics that people have

  • Torb sitting next to turret around a corner, someone walk forward and look at him

  • Nano plays x 5

  • Swing hammer x 6

  • One Shot kills x 5

  • Ana sleeping ult x 5

  • Move or take a nap x 5, ie Tracer blinks, McCree rolls, Soldier running, Lucio wall ride

  • Steal your thunder/ Ult stop x 4, *need some clips of outplaying someone and doesn't have to be in the cast list*

  • Break it down, drops from heights x 5

  • Mei freeze w/ headshots x 4

  • Pharah Boosts, POV and LOS x 3

  • POTGs w/ dance emotes x 2

  • POTG name flash screen, just need POTGs and I can edit this together

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