It's a real shame we don't have more unlockable weapons.

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I started playing in open beta and was pretty excited when golden guns were announced. I thought, look at the possibilities, what crazy gun skins can there be?

Then years passed and nothing new was added and I was pretty bummed.

Yes, I know the first thing you're gonna say is that Jeff said people only play comp to get the golden guns and he regretted adding them.

I saw this suggested several times. What if instead of competitive points we have Victory points. Meaning that you can get victory points by playing competitive as well was quick play. Obviously the rate at which you get points in qp should be much slower. But you can still get guns for that one character without ever touching competitive and I think that's fair because comp is not for everyone.

I don't think there's any downsides to this, people playing comp will still get rewarded, casual players will have more options, and because everyone can get guns now blizzard can sell many more different weapons skins and get really creative with this.

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