[Outage] She's dead, Jim

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Update: As of 2238 PST http://Battle.net authentication appears to be working again. The http://Battle.netlauncher & Overwatch both allowed me to login. Thanks for the speedy recovery. https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS/status/1125632479396880385

UPDATE - Official post from Blizzard indicates a problem:

We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. #BlizzCS https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS/status/1125632479396880385

Was in the middle of a comp match and low and behold, servers appear to have crashed. Battle.net claims I'm no longer logged in, and attempts to join games result in "Failed to connect to server" errors. Nothing yet to be seen announced on Blizzard's own https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS/ account, and of course, it's 2019 and they still don't have a status page like https://status.discordapp.com/ or https://reddit.statuspage.io/ sigh

Hopefully it's just temporary, as I'd love to earn back the lost SR caused by issues beyond my control. While I don't want people revealing their locations, if we could all post our roughh location and ISP, it may help determine the spread of the issue should it be localized to a certain region. I'll start:

  • Western Canada, Shaw Cable

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