Linkin Park to play at BlizzCon 2015

The American rock band who's music you have heard in countless highlight reels and PvP videos will be playing live at the biggest Blizzard party of the year.

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4 of our favorite moments from the Overwatch beta stream

After waiting for months to see gameplay of the most anticipated PC title of the year, the majority of fans agree that the stream was a huge success. Here are our favorite moments.

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Overwatch closed beta to go live October 27th

We finally know the day that the closed beta for Overwatch will kick off. Remember the date: October 27th.

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First Overwatch stream set for Thursday

Coming Thursday, on the 15th of October, the very first official Overwatch stream will be broadcasted on Twitch.

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BlizzCon will feature two panels focused on Overwatch

We might still not know when Closed Beta will start, but today we learned what Blizzard is guaranteed to share about Overwatch at BlizzCon.

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Junkrat and Roadhog explode into Overwatch

Chaos incarnate has arrived as two new Junker heroes look to lay waste to the Overwatch universe.

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"The Junkers" further teased, outlaws rejoice

The criminal duo known as "The Junkers" has been further teased in the latest video from PlayOverwatch.

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Blizzard teases a bit more information, also suggests new Heroes unveil date

Blizzard continues on with their current unveiling process; we will most likely be introduced by two new Heroes next week.

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WANTED: Blizzard teases villainous outlaws as new Overwatch heroes.

In a similar way to the Soldier: 76 release, Blizzard is about to divulge more information on at least two more heroes.

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Will Widowmaker be an Overwatch eSports staple?

Her ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, is something gets orders of magnitude more powerful as player skill increases. Will one team with "wall hacks" have a huge advantage over the other?

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