Melty eSports club crushes Alphacast EU Beta Tournament, Vods available now

The first EU Overwatch tournament featured top level play and offers us the first look at how EU is tackling the newest Blizzard FPS

Overwatch GosuGamers

NotEnigma take second tournament win in their second participation

The team, led by popular player Seagull, seems to be unstoppable as they wipe opponent after opponent.

Overwatch Matthieist

A CynicalBrit talks Overwatch

TotalBiscuit gives us his unique take on Overwatch

Overwatch GosuGamers

Alphacast EU Beta Tournament Begins November 22nd

Eight teams will square off in the EU Alphacast Beta Tournament on November 22nd.

Overwatch GosuGamers

FishStix hosting an Overwatch Invitational

FishStix is hosting his own Overwatch Invitational, including community names such as A_Seagull as well as two Blizzard employee teams. The whole event is to be played this Saturday, the 21st of November.

Overwatch GosuGamers

Presenting Capture Points, GosuGamers’ Overwatch podcast. Today's topic: State of supports

Join Nydra, Matthieist, Hex and Manmode as they go live with the inaugural episode of Capture Points, the Overwatch talking show of the #1 esports media.

Overwatch Nydra

Developer Update: Matchmaking & Hero Balance

Jeff Kaplan is back with another vlog-like video. He shares his thoughts on the latest patch that focused on matchmaking and hero balance.

Overwatch GosuGamers

First Overwatch Beta Test Weekend coming this weekend

Ever since the announcement of Overwatch's closed beta, Blizzard has promised Test Weekends open to larger beta tester groups. Today they announced the first: November 20-23.

Overwatch GosuGamers

Enter Floorbjörn: is this the funniest play of the game ever?

Either that, or the insane laughter behind the clip makes it seem so. 

Overwatch GosuGamers

The first Overwatch tournament is starting in just 1 hour!

Starting from humble beginnings, the $300 dollar prize pool tournament starts today!

Overwatch GosuGamers