‘Overwatch’ Nerfs Many DPS And Support Heroes With Orisa Getting A Buff

Overwatch Forbes.com

A new Overwatch patch is live that includes all of the changes Blizzard tested in last week’s Experimental card. It’ll suppress a lot of the power creep that’s come into the game over the last few years, and they’re generally positive moves all around.

After Blizzard nerfed the effectiveness of some tanks recently, DPS heroes needed less damage output to take down shields. A ripple effect of that is that support heroes don’t need to output as much healing either, so some of them have been nerfed too. The only hero to get a real buff in this patch is Orisa, whose recent nerf to her Halt! ability has been slightly reverted.

“In an environment with less pervasive barriers, some Damage heroes have become increasingly lethal.



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